Rules for exercising whilst pregnant


I get this alot…should you really be exercising whilst pregnant? Yes! Here are my rules to exercising for 2…

1. Keep hydrated.
Drink enough before, during and after you workout.  Getting dehydrated whilst pregnant can be dangerous to you and babt and can cause early contractions.  So get in that h2o!

2. Don’t lie flat on your back
After the first trimester it can be dangerous to lie flat on your back. It puts too much pressure on your vein called venacava which can reduce blood flow to your heart so try to avoid this.

3. Warm up and cool down.
Warming up and increasing the heart rate slowly can help decrease the probability of pulling ligaments and putting strain on your joints.  Cooling down and stretching will help alleviate any aches and pains afterwards.

4. Talk to your midwife.
If you have been exercising before pregnancy and have an uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy then you should be able to carry on working out. But still speak to your care provider/midwife to make sure it’s safe for you and baby.

5. Listen to your body.
Don’t over do it and listen to your body. You don’t want to cause your body pain you just want to keep fit and healthy for you and baby.  If you feel you need to stop at any point the do so.

6. Modify.
Modify as you grow. When you get bigger your centre of gravity will change and you maybe more off balanced. So modify your workouts to help keep you balanced.

7. Wear the right clothes.
Be comfy! Try and wear layers so that you won’t feel exposed if your top rides up or your leggings keep falling down. Also layers can help for when you get too hot and need to cool down and little you can remove something to help.

It’s great to exercise whilst pregnant and benefits not only yourself but baby too. Just be mindful of what you are doing and be safe. I would love to hear from other pregnant mummies that are keeping fit too! How are you finding it? What have you had to change? Any tips for me?


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