My top 5 tips for losing weight and keeping it off!


When I first started my journey to lose the baby weight and the eating crap for 9 months weight after having Macie I knew it would be a long haul. I wanted to feel good about myself again and more importantly be a healthier and fitter version of myself for me and my new family.

There are so many quick fixes out there and don’t get me wrong I was very tempted to go and do a juice diet or a slim fast diet but these can be pricey and also do they really work? I find most of the time as soon as you go back to eating ‘normally’ afterwards you gain back the weight and usually add more pounds to when you first started! This is not where I wanted to be so I started slow and started to educate myself on healthy eating and exercise. 

Here are my top tips to lose weight and keep it off…

1. Drink plenty of water.
Drinking water not only flushes out and detoxes your system but it keeps you fuller for longer too. Most of the time we think we are hungry when actually we are dehydrated and need water. So try drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry and if yoy are still hungry after then grab a healthy snack but most of the time water will fill that gap. Another good way to rehydrate and stop you from eating as much is to have a glass of water before a meal. It keeps you feeling a little fuller so that you don’t eat as much food during your meal. The Tone it up girls say to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. This is difficult but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. Water really helps with cellulite too and keeps your mind active for longer so you are less likely to get that afternoon slump if you are hydrated properly. Try adding fruit, lemons or limes to your water to make it more interesting. I like my best when its really cold so ice is essential when at home or during the summer.

2. Have cheat meals.
Now this doesn’t mean scoffing all the rubbish you can eat in one day it means maybe once or twice a week you have a MEAL where you can cheat slightly on your diet. So if you know you are meeting the girls for a takeaway sat night then go and have your takeaway but class it as your cheat meal and don’t go wild!  I would plan my week so that when I knew I was out for a meal or  having a takeaway I would be good leading to that meal and be good straight after also.  I wouldn’t think ‘oh I’ve cheated on my diet now I will just eat rubbish for the rest of the week and start again on Monday’. I hear this all too often! You cannot sustain weight loss this way. It needs to be a sustainable lifestyle change not just a diet.

3. Meal prep.
I know that I am better if i plan my meals. This also saves me from over spending when I do the weekly food shop, so that I don’t just buy for the sake of it and end up throwing it away by the end of the week. Also if I plan my meals then I am less likely to cheat as the food is already prepared and I don’t need to nip to the shop where I am more likely to buy chocolates and crisps. Plus when you have made your food yourself you know exactly what is in it and there are less preservatives added therefore less extra calories and sugars. 

4. Think before you eat.
Don’t get me wrong it is really hard to choose the healthier option over the unhealthier fattier one that tastes so good, but over time it gets easier and becomes almost second nature. Now that my diet is better I feel like I want more of the healthier options; it makes me feel alot better afterwards.  I would often ask myself ‘is it worth it?’ when I had those days where I would want to eat all the chocolate in the world and 90% of the time I wouldn’t eat it and go for a healthier option. 

5. Everything in moderation. 
Don’t deprive yourself of anything.  Each food in moderation is good for you long term. Just have more of the ‘good’ foods than the bad and this will add more balance to your diet. Try making healthier substitutes for the foods you crave. Eg. Craving chips? Make some sweet potato fries or wedges in the oven spray over with fry light or use coconut oil. Have a look in Pinterest or online for healthy recipes and alternative so you don’t get bored.

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Have any top tips? Let me know! Would love to hear your views. Remember slow and steady wins the race, don’t get disheartened and give up any weight loss is a great one. Consistency is key. Have a good day xxx

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