18 weeks pregnant and OOTD




18 weeks today and I have grown so much since last week! Must have been the all inclusive food in Egypt haha!

Great! Feel so chilled since my holiday, still tired though and the last 2 nights I have fallen asleep on the sofa about 9pm…oops!

Just got back from the gym! Did a full body workout and felt great.  Was nice to get back to it after around 2 weeks off. Downloaded some new music fron Spotify to get myself in the mood to workout and it really helped.

Weighed myself at the gym this afternoon and gained around 4lbs in the last few weeks. Defo the all inclusive! Haha! Back to being good again now I am home.

Still nothing in particular but I could of definitely had an alcohol cocktail or too on holiday but I didn’t!  I never missed having a drink with Macie but I do this time, I think it’s because you’re not allowed so it makea you want it more.

Belly button?
Out! It’s been out for weeks now. It looks huge!  My belly is alot harder and rounder now so it definitely pokes out more.

Slightly bigger movement felt last night a but like the baby was flipping round. I forgot how weird but nice that feeling is!

Cannot wait to find out if we are team blue or team pink again at the next scan! Not long now.

Outfit of the day:



Jumper from Forever 21
Leggings fron George Asda maternity 2 pack for £12 (bargain!) They are so comfy and hardly see through.
Boots from Sainsbury’s.

Still managing to wear alot of my normal clothes but loving my maternity leggings. 

Have a good day xxx

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