Pregnant women to be paid to quit smoking!

Wow what a title. I read this yesturday in the online news and couldn’t believe what I had read! A £400 voucher to be spent in shops such as Argos or Iceland is the incentive to quit. Should pregnant women really be paid and have a large incentive to quit smoking whilst pregnant?

In my opinion you should want to quit for your unborn childs sake without any imcentive. If you’re not going to do it for your child without the aid of financial incentives then what does that say about that person?! Also financially where is this money coming from? The government already have to make cuts and I don’t think giving away money incentives to a person that should be able to quit for themselves and their child is the best way to spend our taxes.

On the otherhand if a woman can quit smoking for her child by using the incentive then it is better for the child’s health in the long run, then it could be seen as a good thing. But that’s the mother’s decisions I suppose. Just seems to me like pregnant women who smoke are getting rewarded for morally misbehaving.

Also are the women that are financially a little more desparate when they get pregnant going to take up smoking just to receive the money reward? Who is to say the women who do give up for the 9 months they are pregnant will carry on doing so after their baby is born? Passive smoking is just as bad in my eyes to children and others.

In my eyes my child is everything and even before they are born I would do anything for them so why need a money incentive for such a dirty habit in thr first place! Plus if they quit they save money on buying the cigarettes in the first place so it should be a win win situation without the money incentive.

What do you guys think? Would like to know your opinion. Xxx

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