17 weeks 1 day (from egypt)

I wrote this post on 24th jan but had rubbish wifi signal whilst on holiday so lost it! Never mind here is what i wrote…



First of all happy birthday to my hubby who took my 17 week 1 day pics! 33 years young kris xxx

We are currently in egypt and I am feeling great! Really needed this holiday with being so busy before and after Christmas so it has been nice to chill.

Great! Still tired though but other than that I feel refreshed and happy to spend some quailty time with my little family.

Non! I have had time off the gym. I had all good intentions and did bring some workout clothes with me but I think I just needed a total break. Will get back to it when I get home.

Not weighed myself in a while but my clothes are definitely feeling tight! Still got into my bikinis though…just!

Nothing in particular. We have been all inclusive so have been making the most of eating what I like. Have been drinking alot of fizzy pop though which I try not to do so need to kick that habit again when we get home.

Stretch marks?
No new ones but as I have got more of a tan I can see the old ones popping out. They are slightly more noticeable than before I was pregnant with baby no 2.

Maternity clothes?
Nothing new. I took mainly dresses on holiday that would stretch and feel comfy. Flew in some maternity leggings though as I always balloon up on the plane. No point buying new summer maternity wear as we are only here for a week and it’s so cold back home would be a waste of money.

Finally felt a few flutters! Only slight but more when I try to lie on my front which is getting uncomfortable now. I didn’t feel Macie’s kicks untill around 21 weeks as my low lying placenta was cushioning her movements.

Having a lovely hol and don’t want to come home! Have a good one xxx

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