16 weeks! 💖




16 weeks today! Finally did an update on the day I moved to my next week. Took these pictures just before I got into bed tonight. Bumps alot bigger in the evenings and still feeling really tired but it’s definitely going fast. I’m off on holiday next week so will be posting some pics from Egypt hopefully!

Very tired! Time for a break next week. 2 more days to work then a well deserved week off. Plus running around after Macie and getting up early with her is alot harder while pregnant.

I have exercised most days this week. Have spent a bit if time in our garage where I have a few bits of gym equipment to keep me going when I can’t get to the gym or don’t have much time.


Still keeping up with a bit if cardio too! Hence the treadmill. Even if it’s just a hill walk its better than nothing.

Weighed myself at the gym this morning and stayed around the same weight as last time I weighed in. So total gain of still just under 9lbs so far.

Maternity clothes?
Bought some new maternity jeans that I posted the yesterday in ootd maternity style love them! I also bought a pair of jeggings from h&m as these are over the bump so a little more room to grow into! Trying to just buy a few statement pieces but I do love shopping.

Belly button?
Out! It poked so far out with my first pregnancy I thought it would never go back in. But this time it’s popped out really soon.

Not felt any movement yet, still a bit early and to be honest I haven’t sat still long enough yet to feel anything. I didn’t feel any kicks with Macie till quite late (around 22 weeks) ad my placenta was low and at the front so it cushioned alot of movement. This tine however I know what it feels like so hopefully will feel baby move soon!

Still trying to sleep as much as I can and go to bed at a reasonable time. It’s been difficult though and trying to get Macie to stay in her own bed all night has been a challenge. Anybody got any tips that would be fab! Most nights she will sleep through but recently she has woke for attention and as soon as you put her back down she gets upset again. Fingers crossed she gets back into sleeping in her own cot.

Stretch marks?
No new ones as yet. Still using the Sanctuary collagen body butter morning and night. Applying to my stomach, hips and tops of my thighs.

Best get some beauty sleep before work tomorrow. Fingers crossed Macie stays asleep all night as Kris is at work…wish me luck! Xxx

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