Yesturday’s gym routine: glutes day

Yesturday I dropped Macie at nursery for 8am and went to use my free time at the gym; I really didn’t feel like it at all. I was so tired but I have to make use of the free time I have as much as possible so that I don’t miss out on Family time too! I even sat in the car for about 10minutes debating on whether or not to go in the gym! Haha! But I got some lady balls and made myself go do a little bit, I told myself something is better than nothing.

I started with a mile (1.6km)  warm up on the cross trainer which took about 11mins. I am still trying to get in my #100byvday in so I am doing a little cardio each gym session to add to this. I then took to the floor and made my own circuit up focussing on my glutes. It is one area women want to improve but are not sure how to go about this. I made a short routine of the following:

12 reps sumo squats using an 8kg kettlebell held by the handle in between the legs

12 reps glute raises (squeeze your bum at the top!)

12 reps donkey kicks followed by 12 reps fire hydrants. Left Leg then right Leg.

12 reps single leg deadlift using the 8kg kettlebell again. Left Leg then 12 reps Right Leg.

12 reps jump squats

repeated 3 times through with as little breaks as possible.

I finished my circuit with back lunge and a curtsey lunge x 6 on each side repeated 3 x through with no break. this one really burns the glutes.

Finished off with a warm down of a mile (1.6km) hill walk on the treadmill at 6.5 kmph.

Definitely feeling the burn in my bum today so this workout worked the right area.

I am not a personal trainer so please consult your doctor before taking on any extreme exercise changes. Remember it is best to perform the exercise correctly than do too many reps incorrectly and risk injuring yourself. Learn proper form! I have either taught myself or learnt from classes with a trainer to learn the proper way to do these exercises. Best to use a mirror if you can and you can check your posture and form. I do tend to look things up on the internet to check that I am performing the exercise correctly and therefore working the right muscle. Usually you can feel the muscle you are working out so that you know you are doing it right! If you are a member at the gym don’t hesitate to ask one of the trainers or members or trained staff; that is what they are there for! they will be only happy to help.

Give this one a go! You can even do it at home without any weights if you don’t have any. Just increase the reps to feel the burn or repeat the circuit through an extra time. Body weight is just as good if used correctly. I noticed when I went to ALDI to do my food shop yesterday that they have a load of gym equipment on offer. From dumbbells to kettle bells to gym clothing all at really low prices. I bought a 4kg medicine ball. a set of 3kg dumbells and a 5kg kettlebell to go in my little gym in the garage for those times I cannot get to the gym when I have no childcare or just want a quick workout at home. The medicine ball cost £12.99, 3kg dumbbells were £6.49 and 5kg iron kettlebell £6.99; Bargain! As it’s January there will be lots of fitness equipment on sale now in a lot of stores so grab yourself a bargain so that you can do some home workouts especially if you don’t want to join the gym or commit to a 12month gym membership.

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