15 Weeks 4 days Update

Today I am 15 weeks 4 days pregnant. I took these pictures this morning of my ever growing stomach!



Definitely starting to look alot rounder! I also feel like my hips have got wider but other than feeling great. It’s nice to see a bump forming.

How do I feel?
Feeling great this week. Pretty tired still but running after a 16month old as well as working and being preganant does take it out of you. No sickness, appetite is still full. I still want to eat everything in sight but a little of what you fancy cant hurt.

I am still managing to keep up exercising as you can see on my blog. I don’t do as much vigorous exercise as pre pregnancy but i am keeping up my weight training but using slightly lighter weights and being mindful of my posture and form for safety. I am doing alot more cardio than before, trying to get in those 100 miles by valentines day for my challenge. I have mainly been walking, cycling on the static bike and using the cross trainer. These are low impact on my stretching joints but still keep my heart rate elevated.

Weight gain?
Not weighed myself since my last pregnancy post so I am not sure. Still around the 9lbs gain mark I think!

Stretch marks?
I did gain some stretch marks from my last pregnancy with Macie but they really did fade with weight loss and time. They were not just on my stomach but tops and inner thighs too and a few on my hips. So far no new stretch marks but I have started to use sone cream as my stomach is starting to feel itchy. Last time I used so many different creams but mainly stuck to bio oil. I haven’t started on the bio oil yet buy am trying this collagen butter from boots. Smells amazing and is really moisturising.

Another favourite was the Palmer’s cocoa butter stretch mark cream too but will stick to this one for now as it’s alot less greasy than the others.

Maternity clothes?
Not really wearing that much maternity clothing yet. Sticking to leggings and baggy tops untill they get too tight. I did just order a few pairs of maternity leggings from George, asda as my usual River Island pairs are starting to get a bit tight in the evenings.


These were taken this morning but I do feel alot bigger in the evenings and after meals.

Trying to still eat clean and healthy 80% of the time. I am eating alot more carbs such as bread but opting for the whole meal or ‘healthier’ option if I can. I am carrying snacks around in the car so that I keep my sugar levels up and don’t nip to the shop to buy rubbish food while I am out. It is harder whilst I am pregnant but I am not craving anything in particulat and am definitely eating alot more fruit and veg than I did whilst pregnant with Macie. I definitely made my last pregnancy an excuse to eat anything I liked and whatever was in sight hence gaining nearly 3 stone! It’s so hard to lose afterwards so I want to be fitter and healthier this tine round.

Overall things are going well and very fast this time. Looking forward to my holiday next week; a bit of sunshine is needed to brighten up gloomy January. Will try to a 16 week update before I go away ☺


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