Macie is 16 months today! 🎀👶

Happy 16month birthday to my little girl Macie!  She is my bestest buddy and growing up so quick!


She has a beautiful personality, she makes me laugh everyday.  Macie is starting to come out with alot more words and understands everything we say to her.

How much has she grown?
Macie is still quite small like myself. She was 2 weeks late and weighed only 6lbs 8.5 ounces when born; so a little on the small size but not surprising as I am only 5″2inches in height!  She is finally starting to wear most of her 12 to 18 month clothes but some of her babygrows are still too long in the leg. So cute! I still love her in a babygrow to sleep in she looks adorable.

What does she like and dislike?
Macie loves to play with dolls and babies. Wherever I take her she picks up a doll as her first toy. She cuddles them and gives them a bottle or shares her food with them. I posted a video to instagram earlier showing Macie sharing her breakfast with her dolly. Click this link to follow me on instagram my instagram
Macie also loves clothes! Anything that she can fet her hands on she picks it up and tried to put it on. She takes after me…I have too many clothes! She loves to watch the disney junior channel and loves anything Doc mcstuffins related or sofia the first, she will watch them all. We recently watches the famous Frozen and absolutely loved it!
Macie is definitely starting to know her own mind though she has her dislikes too. She’s not so keen on vegetables but has recently started to love peas which is great. She does love her fruit and yoghurts though but has a very sweet tooth and will eat chocolate till it comes out of her ears lol. She will say no of she doesn’t want to do something and can definitely make her own mind up about people she meets.




She started at nursery just before she turned 6months. She goes two mornings a week a Monday and a Friday. Macie loves it! Even if I am not working those mornings are my own bit of time to get things done; it is definitely worth the money. Macie comes home learning so much from her little time at nursery. Also depending on what Kris and I are working she will go to each grandparent for about a day a week. She gets spoilt at each one and never wants to leave! What do you do for childcare? It is so expensive! So u am greatful for the help from family.

Each day she is doing something or saying something new! I love watching her grow. She is still young enough to want to give me cuddles and kisses though so I am making the most of these. Her love for music grows each day too. Anything Ed Sheeran she dances to and I always have the radio on in the car and she dances and sings. I will try get her to go to a fun dance class when she’s a little older.

I wish i had documented her earlier days a bit more. I took lots of photos but she has changed my life so much so quick I cannot remember some of the little things. This blog will help me to remember some of the smaller things.

Do you document your child’s life? They change so fast I want to cherish every second. Xxx

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