First Leg Day of 2015

2 days ago I went back to the gym for the first time in about 3 weeks!! 2 days later I am still aching!! But I hope to go back later as Kris is off today but he is at the gym at the moment. Going to get myself and Macie wrapped up first for a nice cold walk in a minute to try stretch these achy legs out!

Since finding out I was pregnant I made a promise to myself to try keep fit and healthy throughout this pregnancy as I didn’t really do this when I was pregnant with Macie. With Macie I found out at 20 weeks that I had a low lying placenta and told to lay off the heavy exercise but I just used this as an excuse to eat whatever I felt like and totally let myself go. This time round I want to be healthy for myself and more importantly for my second child. Even though Macie has turned out a perfectly healthy child I felt a frump after having her and it took me a very long time to recover especially after emergency c section delivery!

So after a very few busy weeks with work and Christmas and being ill, I had a small time off the gym but began to miss it and going back on Friday made me feel wonderful! I have had to cut down what I do at the gym though. I can’t lift as heavy as I used to but I just want to keep the tone that I have left if I can so I do a similar routine as to what I was used to but less weight. I know my limits and don’t push myself too hard. Because my body has been used to this routine of exercise I can carry it on throughout my pregnancy, I just need to keep an eye on how I feel and listen to my body!

My leg routine on Monday was as follows…

12 reps double leg press x 3  with a weight increase each set.

12 reps single leg press x 3 on each leg with a increase in weight with each set. I superset these at the end with a 10kg bar for 12 reps.

12  reps back squats x 3 with squat bar starting at 10k , 20kg and then 30kg

Repeat the above back squats but with sumo squats; same weight and a superset at the end.

15 reps x 3 calf raises on leg press machine. Increasing the weight each time.

I then did a small circuit repeated twice through consisting of the below:

12 reps on each leg of single leg deadlifts using 8kg kettlebell

12 reps each leg of single leg lunges using 6kg dumbells in each hand

12 reps sumo squat to shoulder press with 8kg kettlebell

Repeat twice through.

I felt great after this workout! I took some pics of my little 14 week bump afterwards…


Anyone else exercising through their pregnancy? If you have any tips or advice or questions for me please comment below. Xxx

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