Recipe: Sausage, broccoli and chilli pasta


Made a healthy tea tonight adapted from a recipe I found in a weight watchers magazine. So easy to make and cheap too! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Here is the recipe for 2 people…

5 x Cumberland sausages (I used aldi’s cumberland sausages 101 cals per sausage)
1 x small head or broccoli broken into florets
100g cherry tomatoes
100g wholewheat penne pasta
2 x garlic cloves minced
1 x red onion chopped
Chilli flakes to flavour

Boil the pasta in water and add the broccoli 5 minutes towards the end. Whilst the pasta is boiling, grill the sausages so you drain alot of the fat.

Chop onion and tomatoes and mince the garlic. Drain pasta and broccoli once cooked but keep a mug of the cooking water ans put to the side.

Spray a frying pan with a low fat calorie cooking spray and add the garlic, chopped onion and tomatoes. Fry for a few mins and add the grilled sausages chopped into bite sized pieces.  Add the pasta and broccoli last with the mug of left over water. Add chilli flakes to taste. Simmer for a few minutes and serve.


I gave kris a slightly larger portion than my own otherwise i would have probably used just 4 sausages. My portion is above. Let me know if you try this one!

Enjoy! Xx

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