Happy New Year! 🎉🎊

Happy new year everyone! We are starting the new year with some news!! We are having another baby…


Due 3rd july 2015! Currently i am nearly 14 weeks and feeling great other than the flu I’ve gained over xmas!

I will be documenting my pregnancy on my blog and i hope to keep fit and healthy throughout.  Last time with Macie in 2012 i didn’t carry on with any exercise but i feel this time it has helped me with sickness and lifting my mood so will try to keep it up! Had a few weeks off due to being mad busy at work, xmas and then getting sick but hopefully can start again in the next few days.

It has been hard to write my blog without telling people i am pregnant as Kris and I wanted to keep it to ourselves untill we had had the first scan. I am currently 14 weeks tomorrow as dated yesturday at the scan and couldn’t be happier. 

This pregnancy has flown by already bring on the next 26 weeks…!


Love to all in 2015 xxxx

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