Wow December Flew by!

Cannot believe we are at the end of December already! December for me is my busiest month; as a freelance hairdresser it is full of clients wanting to glam themselves up for the holiday season! I got to do some hair up for a beautiful xmas wedding also on 27th Dec; here are a few pics…10872368_10155065515370651_1046987912_n10877670_10155065503685651_1563607571_n10888174_10155065504090651_7772951_n

I hosted Christmas dinner for 11 people also this year for the first time EVER! I felt extremely grown up haha but I am 26 so about time I suppose. Definitely gave my mum rest! Kris worked a 7am-3pm shift so we had dinner late and opened presents in the evening however Macie did get to have her main present of a play kitchen in the morning though! I was so excited for her I woke her up at just before 7am, she didn’t have a clue at only 15months yet she still seemed excited all day! Here are some pics of Christmas…


We had such a lovely day and laughed so hard! Was fab having family together! Even got a table selfie with Emma’s new selfie stick.

Boxing day hit me like a ton of bricks though; I woke up ill. Boooo! Proper head cold so I didn’t go far and have tried to relax since however I did have to work so not much relaxing has gone on until today. Feeling a lot better though now after a few days but still not 100%. Kris has been at work too so it is hard when Macie is running around but she has been good. How do you mums cope when you’re ill and you have your child? It’s hard work right?!

My fitness has really taken a huge hit since I became mega busy with work. Macie and Christmas. I don’t usually like to use time as an excuse however there has been very little time to do anything else! Macie goes back to nursery on Friday so I will make it a point to start back at the gym. It will be so busy though! January is usually full of newbies and then it tails off by the end of Feb…Dreading the burn already!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and have an amazing New years Eve. Enjoy the last day of 2014. Will be back to normal with my blog posts in the new year! Many happy returns xxxx

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