Do you meal prep?

December is here and I am already crazy busy with hair appointments at work! The manic season begins.

Yesturday i managed to get to the supermarket inbetween clients to do the food shop. I’ve been shopping in Aldi and find their fruit, veg and meat the cheapest and freshest by far! So that evening with all my fresh food and veg i did a little meal prep! I really struggle with snacks especially as i am on the go and so busy being a mum and working different hours each week. So i find preparing a few easy snacks the best way to keep on track.  I’d bought so much fruit so i chopped up a whole melon, 3 kiwis, a mango and a punnet of strawberries and popped them in a container in the fridge.


It’s not just me who likes fruit, Macie loves it too! This just makes it easier to pick at something healthy and also feeds that sugar craving too!

I also boiled a few eggs as they are a great snack and a fab source of protein to keep that hunger at bay. I had some pasta sauce to use also so i boiled some wholewheat pasta shells and added the sauce and popped them in the fridge for a meal, snack or to add to my salads during the week.

Do any of you prep your meals? Do you go further and cook everything for the week? What are your favourite “healthy” snacks to prepare for the week ahead? Would love to try anyones ideas! Xxxx

One thought on “Do you meal prep?

  1. I love Aldi! Your fruit looks delicious too. I do food prep. When I worked I would so the whole cook massive quantities for the week but now that I stay home with my son I just make sure I have a lot of steamed veggies ready and lean proteins. 🙂

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