When we become mums should we become “mumsy”?!

When i became pregnant and then became a mum on september 10th 2013 i felt fat, frumpy and just not myself. Since losing the weight and making myself feel good again i have definitely dressed differently for my new shape.

Prior to having Macie i was a uk size 10, quite curvy but petite with a larger bust than i have now. Pretty happy with my shape but when are we ever totally happy?! But after birth i lost all of my shape and i felt very round, frumpy and just not like a typical 24 year old. So i worked hard to regain my figure and at the same time regain some confidence.

What i wasn’t prepared for was for my whole shape to change. I am still quite curvy but have lost alot of my hips and bust through working out but have kept some shape in my bum and legs. My legs have never been so toned or small in my life. Being only 5″2inches i struggle with my short legs, but since lifting weights i have got rid of alot of cellulite and really toned them up. Having a smaller bust too does have its benefits! I went fron a 32e before i was pregnant to a 34ff whilst i was pregnant down to a 32c afterwards. Now i can wear a few backless items without worrying about a bra and my clothes fit me so much better! I think you just have to learn to dress yourself for your new shape and embrace what you have got! 
But i see so many women after they become mums not making the effort to help themselves feel great about their new bodies no matter what shape and size.  As i sit writing this in a soft play centre surrounded by mums of all ages i can see that some women just cannot be bothered anymore. Do we really have to stop wearing make up and doing our hair just because we have children? Do we have to start to dress more conservative, frumpy and look “mumsy”? I don’t think so! Yes be practical when it’s needed and yes kids make mess and you get messy too but i definitly think that if you get up and put a little make up on, do your hair and take pride in your appearance you generally feel and look better!

I know alot of you mums are thinking “I just don’t have time!” But i do think it is important to make time a happy mum equals happy children and usually a happy husband or partner too haha! Looks at kim kardashian she has never looked sexier since becoming a mum.


Yes i know she has alot more help than any of us mums put together but she definitly has dressed alot more revealing since giving birth and getting her figure back. Just shows you don’t have to be frumpy once you have become a mum. Don’t fall into the “mumsy” trap!

This also comes the day after a new hair colour for myself. Ive gone from bleach blonde to an ombre colour and love it! As a hairdresser i understand that your hair is a big deal! If your hair looks good, you feel good!


What do you guys think? All you mummies, pregnant ladies or even if you don’t have children.

3 thoughts on “When we become mums should we become “mumsy”?!

      1. I am very proud, not only was I lucky to take part in this calender, with all monies going to charity but I was also named as The Face of Boudoir Darlings 2015, with a whole heap of photo shoots to follow 🙂 It is super stuff

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