My week and weight watchers chicken fajitas

What a week! Recently life has just been mad busy.  Started the week in the gym but onlu got chance to go another time on friday and that was it so not a great week for exercise but i did get plenty of other stuff done.

Started my xmas shopping! Have to be organised as i won’t get much chance in December as work is mad busy; everyone wanting their hair perfect for xmas time. :D🎅🎁🎄My car also passed its MOT that day so an all round good tuesday!

Kris started his clean 9 cleanse last monday too so we have been having healthy dinners to coincide with his cleanse. Tonight’s recipe had to be quick as kris is on nights at work and I didn’t get home fron my job till 8pm. But you CAN do healthy and quick with a little food shop prep!  Will post my chicken fajita recipe down below.

Sunday morning Macie had some professional xmas pictures done by my sister Charlotte.  They were so cute! Need to get some printed…



My sister is a great photographer currently working at fashion site Boohoo and doing her own photography also. Macie was great posing for pics…so proud!

Sunday evening we had our first Forever Living launch. We invited a few friends and family round to learn a bit more about the health and beauty products we will be helping to sell. We had a great firsy launch and managed around £400 worth of orders so really pleased with that! 😀 I did some nibbles for people also but did a range of healthy buffet ideas especially as Kris and my sister Charlotte are on their cleanses. I made up some fruit kebabs (wish i had photographed these as they look yummy) made up of mango, strawberries, red and white grapes and melon. They went down a treat!  Should of made more. I put some veg out too to dip in houmous such as raw sugar snap peas and carrots. They went really well too! Sometimes it’s hard to do healthy when putting out snacks but there were some yummy options!



Finally my tea this evening was adapted from the uk weighy watchers magazine.

Ingredients for 2 x people:
2 x chicken breasts cut into strips
1 x tsp of coconut oil
1 x tsp ground paprika
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 dried mixed herbs
2 x garlic cloves crushed
2 x small peppers finely sliced
1 x small red onion cut into chunks

To serve:
2 x wholewheat tortilla wraps for kris ( i had mine just with salad)
2 x tsp Salsa
2 x tsp Natural greek yoghurt
Salad was iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and grated carrot. Kris had a little balsamic vinegar on his salad too.

I cooked the chicken in coconut oil on the hob first then added the rest of the ingredients till cooked through.  Took about 20 mins altogether so not long at all. Added the salsa and greek yoghurt afterwards.

This was so good! Didn’t have everything from the magazine but adapted to what i had in and made healthier by not using wraps for myself and using coconut oil instead of olive oil.


Kris and I enjoyed it especially as it was quite late on! Will make this again. Let me know if you try out the recipe and what you think!


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