Sisters workout


Today i got an arm workout in with my sister, Charlotte. Haven’t worked out with her for ages but we managed just over an hour together this morning. 

Charlotte really wants to lose a few pounds and be a healthier version of herself. I have ordered her the clean 9 cleanse from Forever Living which should arrive sometime this week. She is hoping to slim down and for it to help her start a heathier lifestyle.

When we go to the gym together i like to teach her a few routines so that she can do them on her own. It helps me to see that she has good form and also pushes each other to keep going. 

Today we began with the assisted dip/pull up machine. We did 12 reps of tricep dips for 3 sets and the same with pull ups. Trying to lighten the assistance each set. We then used the cable machine to do some over head rope tricep extensions again 3 sets of 12 getting heavier each set and bicep curls using a bar repeating the same routine. Afterwards we used some dumbells and did some single bicep and hammer curls and some more tricep work using the bar. Finally finished with burpee pushups and low to high planks. This really made our arms burn but also gave us a hitt of cardio. Plus everyone hates burpees for a reason! They work though 🙂


Sometimes it’s great to workout with a partner especially when its your sister. We had a good time, got to catch up and got a workout in!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Did you get any workouts in? Xxx


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