Breakfast smoothie and healthier roast potatoes

Sunday morning i had a smoothie for breakfast.  Macie has been a bit poorly the last few days and therefore a bit clingy, so my smoothie was quick and easy to make whilst Macie was sat next to me in the kitchen.


Berry protein smoothie! Made up of frozen berries., almond milk, water, a tablespoon of milled flaxeed and a scoop of strawberry protein all mixed together in the blender.  Even macie liked it!


What a cutie!

We also had a sunday pork roast.  Usuall i skip out the potatoes and just have the meat and lots of veg and gravy but i was super hungry so i made roast potatoes but in a slightly healthier way. I part boiled 3 x white maris piper potatoes and cut them into roast sized chunks. While these were part boiling i melted some coconut oil in the oven. Coconut oil is proven to be a healthier version of olive oil and alot less saturated fat! I cooked the roast potatoes in the oil turning occasionally for 40 mins untill they were nice and crispy.  Mm mmmm!

How many of you use coconut oil now over any other oil alternative?  Let me know what you think xxx

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