My week and new gymboss timer ♡

Wow what a busy week haven’t had the time to blog at all and a poorly baba full of cold and coughs to top it off!

Managed to get to the gym for aome weight training 3 times this week though and i worked out twice in the garage at home. The weather has been rubbish here all week very wet and cold so i haven’t got out for any walks with Macie or jogs with or without the pram. To be honest all of my exercise time has been quick this week but i still managed to fit it in!

Monday i did arms at the gym.  Really working on those biceps and triceps with weighted dips, rope pulls, bicep curls, push ups and alot more. My upper body is where i struggle but i am definitly getting stronger and for the first time ever i can see muscle in my arms! It feels great to have tone in those upper arms. I think it is one area alot of women struggle with but lifting weights and using alot of my own body weight has really made them stronger. I am proud to say they are slightly muscly!


Tuesday i had Macie for most of the day so when she had a nap mid afternoon i squeezed a workout in at home. I bought my gym boss timer from amazon for around £20 ages ago and hadn’t got round to using it yet. So as Macie slept i took it out, set it up (which was pretty easy) and pulled up dailyhiit on you tube. I did a body weight workout with the timer. 50 secs work 10 secs off for 4 rounds and repeated 3 times. This was a quick but tough routine but Macie was still asleep so i managed another dailyhiit routine. I can’t remember the name of it but it was about 25 mins long and had skipping inbetween each strengthening move. It was tough but i got a great workout in.

You could also use your gym boss timer to make up your own routines. It beeps every time you need to take rest of start the exercise again. Its a great interval timer and brilliant for a quick but effective workout. Hiit (high intensity interval training) is great for when you don’t have much time but still want to get it in.

This is my gym boss timer. I bought mine in purple! You can also clip it onto your gym wear for ease when training. 


Wednesday i got in a legs session at the gym. I had alot of time at the gym on wednesday so i really made the most of it! I got in some weighted back squats; increasing the weight each time and once i had finished super setting with the lightest weight for as many as i could. I did the same with sumo squats and also straight legged deadlifts. I used the leg press also increasing the weight did some single legged and double calf raises and single leg leg press. I finished by using the adductor and abductor machined again increasing the weight with each set. Finally a curcuit of weight walking lunges and weighted front squats with a 10kg bar. I tend to do 12reps of each for 3 sets and super set for one with the lightest weight for as many reps as i can for a good burn out.

Thursday i really didn’t feel like exercising even though i could of done. I felt a bit run down so i gave it a miss.  Sometimes yoy gotta listen to your body.

Friday i felt the same but i pushed myself to do a 45min back session st the gym and felt great after! I think it’s the rubbish gloomy weather it really gets you down. Sometimes even if you just do a little you feel like you can do more and feel great after. Most people’s problem is the thought of going to the gym; once you’re there more likely than not you will do more than you thought. A 20 minute workout is better than nothing at all!

Saturday was hectic so i didnt exercise.  But today (sunday) i squeezed a home workout in whilst Macie slept. I used a celeb dvd that i actually enjoy doing. Its Vicky from Geordie Shore’s 7 day slim which i bought from amazon last xmas.


I usually do a few rounds of the dvd rather than the 10 mins everyday. Do today i did up to week 4 and just skipped the cool downs of the previous week. This way i get in a good 30 to 40 minute routine in without much break. This is one of the better celeb dvds i have used i really enjoy it and it is a good workout. A good mix of strength training and cardio to help burn as much fat as possible but tone at the same time.  I have to say she looks great and is keeping it off so far!

Hope you all had a lovely week even if it was busy like mine! Keep up the good work…all this exercise pays off! Xxx

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