Working out when you have a 1 year old!

On sunday Kris my husband was working 7am till 3pm and i like to get my workouts done before he gets home so that we can spend some time together.  Sometimes Macie has a nap in the day for an hour or so but on sunday she didn’t want it early enough to fit in my exercise so i had to compromise.

I haven’t been jogging for ages so i got out the jogging pushchair and went for a 2 mile jog. Macie loves it! She sits right up and has the wind in her hair looking out at everything.  It was also a nice dry day and fairly mild for November. I even had my shorts on!



Jogging with the pushchair is hard, it gives you a great arm and abs workout at the same time. I really enjoyed it but was tougg also. This didn’t take long so i wanted to get some more legs and cardio in. This is where my garage gym comes in handy! I bought a few bits off ebay and local sports stores when i first got back to work after having Macie. I struggled to juggle my time between looking after a 3 month old, work and exercise so i set up in the garage. I bought a kettlebell, some light dumbells, 2 x aerobic steps, pilates matt and a gym ball i had from whilst i was pregnant. 



Kris and i also bought the matting on amazon when it was half price. We also added a cheap second hand tv and dvd player so that we could do insanity dvds and other exercises dvds in there too for extra space.

So on Sunday after my jog i did 2 x rounds of kayla itsines legs and cardio week 1. I managed to do both circuits just one time through before Macie got bored. She did pretty well and i still managed to work out!




She was helping me out! I recorded her dancing to Drake on instagram. Follow me here

12 thoughts on “Working out when you have a 1 year old!

      1. Thanks! This is it – ha! 3 is my limit! I will have a newborn, 2 year old, and 5 year old! Think I am good 😉
        So much fun with number 2! They give the other one somebody to play with and it makes the family unit whole!

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