My sister’s clean 9 results

My sister has also completed the 9 day clean 9 cleanse and is now starting her journey on to forever f.i.t 1 for the next 30 days to carry on her weight loss. Here are her results from the clean 9 alone: She lost 7lbs in total and her stomach feels so much flatter.  She … Continue reading My sister’s clean 9 results

Hubby’s clean 9 cleanse results

This is my husband's results from his Clean 9 cleanse from Forever Living. He has lost 7.5lbs in 9 days but more importantly feels healthier, happier and alot more energised as well as trimmer!  Well done babe! The cleanse contain the following: 2 x 1 litre bottles of Forever Aloe vera gel 54 x Forever … Continue reading Hubby’s clean 9 cleanse results

When we become mums should we become “mumsy”?!

When i became pregnant and then became a mum on september 10th 2013 i felt fat, frumpy and just not myself. Since losing the weight and making myself feel good again i have definitely dressed differently for my new shape. Prior to having Macie i was a uk size 10, quite curvy but petite with … Continue reading When we become mums should we become “mumsy”?!

My week and weight watchers chicken fajitas

What a week! Recently life has just been mad busy.  Started the week in the gym but onlu got chance to go another time on friday and that was it so not a great week for exercise but i did get plenty of other stuff done. Started my xmas shopping! Have to be organised as … Continue reading My week and weight watchers chicken fajitas

Breakfast smoothie and healthier roast potatoes

Sunday morning i had a smoothie for breakfast.  Macie has been a bit poorly the last few days and therefore a bit clingy, so my smoothie was quick and easy to make whilst Macie was sat next to me in the kitchen. Berry protein smoothie! Made up of frozen berries., almond milk, water, a tablespoon … Continue reading Breakfast smoothie and healthier roast potatoes