Tone it up and happy halloween!

Yesturday i got to the gym with a plan. I’d been looking on tone it up and found 2 different printables i could do at the gym.

I hardly get in any cardio anymore so i decided to do the tone it up fat burning treadmill workout.


I changed the mph into kmph roughly as this is what the treadmill works in at our gym. It really pushed me! I managed to travel nearly 4km doing hiit in 30mins.  I am no good at just running for 30mins straight so mixing it up like this not only gives you a better burn but also keeps your metabolism ramped up as its a hiit (high intensity interval training) workout. Hiit workouts tend to burn more calories in a shorter space if time so great if you want a quick but effective gym session.


I also did a full body workout after this. frisky fall full body routine with 3kg dumbells and the same weight in medicine ball. This was a toughie!  I didn’t do the running inbetween just the routine 3 x through. Click on the link to find the full routine. 


Let me know if you try this you could easily do this one at home and use dumbells all the way through.

Today i won’t be going to the gym as i am having a rest day.  Very important to let your muscles recover especially aftee ive worked out hard for the last 4 days straight. I still started my day with a healthy breakfast of oats made up with almond milk and agave nectar with strawberries on top. Mmm mmm! Healthy and hits the sweet tooth.


Happy Halloween to everyone too! Macie went to nursery as a pumpkin witch! So cute…♡


Haha she will hate me when she’s older! I hope everyone enjoys their halloween xxx

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