Time with Macie moo and baby Lucy ♡

Last week i had a little more free time as i wasn’t as busy with clients, so i decided to spend a bit of quality time with my baby!

On Thursday i took Macie to her first soft play centre called playworld.




She absolutely loved it. I’ve not taken her before as she attends nursery twice a week to play there and i wasn’t sure there was much point before she started walking. 

But it was so much fun! Great to see her playing with the other kids too.

Sunday we got chance to go to the local park even though it was pretty chilly, we got wrapped up and headed out. My sister Charlotte joined us too. Macie just wanted to spin on the roundabout and didnt want to leave!  I think Kris (hubby) enjoyed himself a bit too much also lol!




Big kids!

Later on we went to visit our friend’s newborn baby girl up in preston. Lucy louise is only a week old! I cannot remember Macie being that small and it was only a year ago.  Macie did pretty well, she kept blowing baby Lucy kisses but got slightly jealous when i held Lucy. Bless her! 


Hope you all had a good weekend xxx

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