What’s in my gym bag?

Whenever i get the chance to go to the gym i have a shower there to save time. As every mum knows it takes twice as long to shower and get ready when your child is hanging off your leg than when you’re by yourself.  So i make sure my gym bag is ready and organised to help save time.


This is my gym bag above.  It’s by nike and is a decent size with lots of pockets to help organise stuff.

Items i always keep in my gym bag are…
• deodorant
• shampoo and conditioner
• shower gel
• hair ties and grips
• hair brush/comb
• razor
• body lotion
• gym padded gloves for when i am lifting weights
• locker key and padlock
• water bottle
• ipod

The items that i need to pack then are…
• towel
• gym clothes
• fresh underwear and clothes
• make up bag

Everything had its place so i know where to find items to save time and i can keep wet stuff away from dry. It all fits in neatly. 


I always keep a separate bag for make up. This saves me time having to organise the make up and toiletries i want to take each time i visit the gym. I usually keep my everyday make up/toiletries inside my bag so that i can just take it out when i need it at home and pop it back in when i go to the gym.


It’s too expensive to buy two of everything so this is a great time and money saver. I do buy a separate shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shower gel, razor and body lotion. These are usually inexpensive and it means i never forget anything as i can keep these items in my gym bag until i need new then i replace. 

As a busy working new mum i need to be organised with my time if i want to exercise. Therefore an organised gym bag makes life alot easier. If it saves me 10minutes then i can spend that extra time in the gym or doing other jobs!

Hope this helps for all those mummies that don’t have much time! Also all the people that work long hours and need to be organised. 

Do you have any tips to help save time?


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