Partner workout ♡


On wednesday i got to go to the gym with my husband Kris. We usually never go together since we have Macie, but this week i have not been mad busy at work and Kris has been working lates. So it was the perfect opportunity while i had a few hours off work to get some training in together.


It was legs day for me so Kris said he would do them with me too. He admits he never really does lower body but he has a few football games coming up that he’s playing in for work, so he needs to strengthen the legs.

We started off with a quick jog on the treadmill to warm up, followed by plenty of weights. Squats, leg press, calf raises and finished with a circuit we made up including box jumps, walking weighted lunges, kettlebell swings and step ups. It was such good fun and we both pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones. 

I usually workout on my own, sometimes with my sister but very rare we have the time to go together. Going with kris meant i had someone to push me, show me new exercises and more importantly we got to spend time together!

Do you workout on your own or with a partner? I feel like i can push myself on my own. That seems to work for me right now with the odd partner workout squeezed in when we can. However when i first got back into exercise after having Macie i couldnt motivate and push myself. I’d lost the confidence in myself especially after a c section, so i joined in alot of classes at the gym. This was great as i could watch other people and push myself further each week.  It’s too easy to give up when you’re on your own, but in a class you don’t want to embarrass yourself so you push to carry on. Having an instructor also helps as they can give you advice, push you further and make sure you’re performing the exercise correctly.

My favourite classes are
• spinning – great cardio class
• kettlercise – great cardio and strength training
• body pump – a good strength training/ weight lifting class
• bootcamp – great cardio and strength training. Also something different each time you go. Really pushing limits.

I do love a class. However as a mobile hairdresser i find i work alot of evenings and weekends when most popular classes are on! I try to go when i can to mix up my usual routine.

What’s your favourite class? Do you prefer to workout solo or with a partner/friend? 



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