Monday’s workout

After another lovely weekend of celebrating my birthday, with drinks out on saturday with hubby and a nice family walk out in delamere forest i was ready to get back into my routine.  We don’t get many weekends off together so i pushed my workouts to the side for 2 days and squeezed in some all important family time and date night! Here are a few pics from my weekend…






Macie loves being outside especially now she is walking by herself so her first trip to delamere was a success! ♡

I always find if i start the week off right on monday then it will last for the rest of the week. It helps that macie goes to nursery on a monday morning so i usually get time to go to the gym.

In my inbox monday morning was an email from with a weeks workouts. I love this website they really give you motivation! You can also print off workouts or as i do download them onto your phone and take them to the gym. Mondays workout was arms and abs which us great as upper body and lower abs is where i struggle. But over the last few months I’ve seen massive improvement in strength and tone. I actually have visible muscles in my arms…whoooop!

Here is the link to the workout…


I started with a 15minute warmup on the treadmill, running at 10kmph which really got me sweating! I used 4kg dumbells throughout the workout and repeated it 3x. It was tough!  I really enjoyed it though.

Let me know what you think if you try this one out. It’s also one you could try at home, you just need a pair of dumbells or a few baked bean tins lol! You can do alot from home.

Enjoy! Xxx

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