My favourite fitness websites

Sometimes i just run out of ideas of how to push my body or create a circuit at home or in the gym so i turn to the Internet for inspiration.  Here are some of my favourite websites i use for routines, new exercises or sometimes healthy recipe’s.
Sarah is a fitness blogger from Boston.  She puts up some great you tube videos also.
The tone it up girls are amazing and beautiful.  They are also american and they have some great fitness videos and printables to take to the gym or use at home.  I joined the tone it up website a few years ago and bought their nutrition plan. Even though it wasn’t cheap it was extremely worthwhile.  There are hundreds or recipes and they continuously add more to their plan without you paying extra ever. I use their dvd also at home.
What a great role model this lady is. She has amazing abs and has had a child.  I follow natalie on facebook and instagram. She puts up some great short workout videos to try at home or the gym.
Another great website with alot of free workouts to try. Look these guys up on pinterest too!

Try a few of these and let me know what you think! If anyone has any other websites or trainers they follow send them my way.

Enjoy! Xx

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