My 26th birthday 🎂🎁

It was my birthday on tuesday and
i turned 26. This years birthday was very different to last. Last year i was only a month post partum, i felt frumpy, tired and just not up for partying like usual! We went for afternoon tea with my newborn and just had a very low key afternoon with friends and family.


Myself and my hubby Kris also went to chester for a meal and drinks but could hardly keep my eyes open past 10pm lol!


I really had to squeeze into this top and i felt large and uncomfortable.  I started to eat healthier after this and a week later i knew i would be allowed to start exercising again.

This year was different.  I bought myself a new dress in a uk size 8 and it fit perfectly.  The weekend before my birthday I had a night out with the girls with quite a few alcoholic drinks and pizza beforehand. I felt great! We had such a good night.


This is my sister on the left who has also lost a few stone since her uni days. Go Charley!!!

On my actual birthday i had a chilled day with my baby Macie and hubby Kris. I also got in a workout at home in the garage. I did an hours workout usinf the insanity dvd, lots of cardio and strength training. Not done much cardio lately so it really kicked my butt! We also went out for a meal in the evening to a lovely mexican restaurant. I didn’t stick to my clean eating like usual, i still didnt pig out as i can’t stand the uncomfortable feeling afterwards anymore. I think that my habits have just changed and i can sustain my new figure and weight without denying myself occasional treats, especially on my birthday!  I eat well pretty much 80% of the time instead of having naughty treats all the time i keep it to maybe 20% of the time. This seems to work for me amd has done for thr past year.

Here are a few pics from my birthday…




Now to look forward to another night out this Saturday with my hubby…date night! It doesn’t happen very often so really looking forward to it.

If it’s your birthday too then Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and let your hair down to celebrate! Xxx

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