Glutes day! Todays workout

Got to the gym this morning with no plan. Not worked on my glutes for a while so I decided to do a few exercises to do for working on those glutes and legs.

I already did a legs session on wednesday but decided to incorporate squats into the mix today as well.

First i did 5 minutes of jogging on the treadmill and a few light weighted squats with the squat bar to warm up. Warming up is so important it can lead to injury if skipped out.

This was my routine…
Back squats starting with 20kg for 12 reps then moving up 10kg to 30kg for 12 reps and finally 40kg for 12 reps. I super set this with a lighter 10kg bar for 20 reps. I was pleased as i was yet to squat 40kg until today.


I repeated the same as above but doing sumo squats instead.


Deadlifts followed using 20kg to start for 12 reps. I upped the weight to 25kg for 12 reps times two. I super set this with a 10kg bar for 20 reps. This was tough after leg day two days ago.


After the above i set up a small circuit with an aerobic step on the highest level and a pair of 7kg dumbells.  I did 10 x box jumps on the step followed by 20 step ups using the dumbells. (10 on each leg) i repeated the circuit 3 times. 



My second circuit was 20 x kettlebell swings using a 10kg kettlebell, followed by 20 x reverse lunge on a low aerobic step (10 on each leg). I repeated the circuit 3 times. 



I finished off with some glute raises using a 5kg plate rested on top. 10 x glute raises with both feet planted on the floor and 20 x glute raises with one leg raised up (10 on each leg). This one burns! Squeeze your bum when you reach the top.


Hope you enjoy and feel the burn if you are going to try this workout. Let me know any feedback. All exercises can be done without weight or lighter/heavier than stated. If you have any favourite glute exercises comment them below. I always want to learn different ways of toning up. Thanks! Xxx

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