LISS training day and abs circuit

Yesturday I woke up full of cold, it was raining and i really didn’t feel like exercising. But i made myself get up, i took macie to nursery and i used the time i had set aside for exercise to go to the gym. Instead of my usual weight training session i did 45 minutes of LISS on the treadmill and some abs afterwards. 

LISS stands for low intensity steady state. It basically means exercising for a long period of time (usually between 30-60 minutes) at a steady pace. It helps burn fat by using up your fat stores and is great to use on those active rest days.

Examples of LISS are:
Fast walking or a slow jog
Hill walking or incline on the treadmill
Cycling at a consistent steady pace
Cross trainer or elliptical

I chose to walk at incline on the treadmill for 45mins. My incline was 10.0 and my pace was 6.0kmph. I did not touch the pace or incline for the whole 45 minutes; i kept it consistent. 


After my LISS session i did some ab work. I made myself a little circuit of ab exercises and repeated the circuit 3 times. The curcuit was as follows…

20 x sit ups with 5kg plate held at chest height


20 x russian twist with 5kg plate


10 x (on each side) standing side crunch with 10 kg plate


20 x reverse crunch


20 x tiu tummy tucks (high plank and tuck knee to reach each elbow) and 20 more with opposite knee to opposite elbow.



I repeated this circuit a total of 3 times. The pictures should help with explaining the exercise.  Use you tube to help you out if still not sure!


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